Why We Go To Temple? (Question)

People Gather to Perform Puja: When hundreds of people come to perform puja at the same time, it becomes easier for a devotee to concentrate on his or her worshiping of God. It is thought that God can only be found via faith. A temple is a location where people gather to express their belief in the existence of God.
What draws people to temples is a mystery.

  • One of the most common reasons for individuals to attend temples is not just to express their dissatisfaction with God on the events in their lives, but also to get a sign of relief and hope. When we are faced with difficulties in life, we always require the support of someone who has our best interests at heart and will never abandon us. We may have a large number of individuals in our lives, but God is the most important of them.

Why do Indians go to temples?

A key reason why people go to temple is not just to express their dissatisfaction with God with the events taking place in their lives, but also to get a sign of relief and hope from the divine. It is always necessary to have someone who believes in us completely and will never abandon us when we are faced with a crisis in life. There are many individuals in our lives, but God is the most important of them.

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Why should we go to temple when God is everywhere?

However, temples, mosques, churches, and other religious buildings are constructed so that people can experience the wonderful vibes and feel as though they are in a god’s presence while not physically present at a god’s location. When compared to other places, it is much easier to concentrate and meditate at that place. At these sacred locations, one can sense a deep sense of peace in their hearts.

What does going to temple mean?

Go to temple is defined as follows in the United States: to attend religious services performed at a temple.

Can we go to temple during periods?

Women monks and followers are also permitted to attend the temple, even if they are experiencing menstrual cramps. In many places of India, menstruation is still seen as dirty in the Hindu faith, despite recent changes. When a woman is menstruation, she is not permitted to participate in typical activities.

What happens if we dream about temple?

An indication of good fortune awaits you if your dream contained the phrase “I went to the temple.” It’s safe to assume that your intentions are on track if you’re heading towards a temple or going through the temple gates. If, on the other hand, you have a dream about a locked temple entrance, you should be prepared to face difficulties.

What does Gita say about temples?

Going to a temple or church as a matter of duty is appropriate, as is paying reverence to the Supreme Personality of Godhead and presenting flowers and food to the deity.

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What is the difference between he goes to temple and he goes to the temple?

‘He goes to the temple’ denotes that he goes to the temple for the primary purpose of offering prayers and other rituals, while ‘he goes to the temple’ means that he goes to the temple for any other reason, such as to meet someone or to visit as a tourist, respectively. Both of these sentences are grammatically accurate.

What do we do in the temple?

In the temple, we are taught essential principles, engage in priestly ordinances (sacred rites), and establish covenants (sacred commitments) with God, all of which prepare us to return to His presence when our lives are completed. Other temple rites for adults include the endowment and sealing of the priesthood (such as temple marriage).

What does God say about periods?

In the case of a lady who has her usual flow of blood, the impurity of her monthly period will continue seven days, and anybody who comes into contact with her will be unclean until sunset. Any surface she rests on during her period will be contaminated, and any surface she sits on will be contaminated.

Why a girl should not wash her hair during periods?

There is no reason why you should refrain from washing your hair, taking a bath, or taking a shower when you are having your period. If you take a bath when you are having your period, you will not become sick, lose your vision, or lose all of your hair. However, some of these false misconceptions have been handed down from one generation to the next.

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Can we touch Tulsi during periods?

It is possible that you have heard that you should not touch the tulsi plant during your period since it is considered unclean, however this is a total fabrication. Tulsi, in fact, has the ability to treat a variety of ailments, including Leucorrhoea (abnormal vaginal discharge) and amenorrhoea (absence of menstrual periods).

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