Why Krishna Married Vijaya Nirmala? (Question)

She changed her given name to Vijaya as a gesture of appreciation to the production company that provided her her first break as an actress. The couple had a son, Naresh, whom she had with Krishna Murthy when she met him. Afterwards, her marriage to actor Krishna, with whom she co-starred in her second Telugu film, Saakshi, took place (1967).

How did Krishna marry Vijaya Nirmala?

In the middle of a movie shoot, Chandramohan informed Vijaya Nirmala that Krishna had shown an interest in marrying her. Following that, Krishna personally proposed to Vijaya Nirmala by stating, ‘Manamiddaram Pelli Chesukundam’ (‘Manamiddaram Pelli Chesukundam’). Vijaya Nirmala had enthusiastically agreed to the suggestion.

Who is Vijaya Nirmala to Mahesh Babu?

On Thursday, a monument of Vijaya Nirmala, a prominent performer and film director, was erected in her honor. Mahesh Babu, her stepson, was in attendance to commemorate the event. Vijaya Nirmala is a veteran actress who has appeared in more than 200 films and directed 44 of them.

What is Mahesh Babu age?

Ramesh Babu was the oldest son of famous Telugu superstar Krishna and the brother of Mahesh Babu. He died at the age of 56. The actor Mahesh Babu has expressed his sorrow over the demise of his elder brother Ramesh Babu, who died on Saturday as a result of liver-related complications.

Does actor Krishna have two wives?

Krishna was first married to Indira, and then to Vijaya Nirmala, before remarrying. On the sets of Saakshi, Krishna came face to face with Vijaya Nirmala (1967). The couple has five children together: two sons (Ramesh Babu and Mahesh Babu) and three girls (Padmavathi, Manjula, and Priyadarshini), all born to him and Indira.

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What is the age of Vijaya Nirmala?

Nani, who is known for his natural on-screen presence, has gone a long way in Tollywood since making his debut in the film Ashta Chamma, directed by Indraganti Mohan Krishna, in 2008. Ninnu Kori’s stardom has earned him the reputation of being a hero who provides a minimal guarantee in Tollywood.

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