Who Is Krishna District Revenue Officer? (Solution found)

District Officers are those who are in charge of a district.

S.No Designation Mobile
2 Joint Collector (RB R), Krishna, Machilipatnam 9849903977
3 Joint Collector (V WS and D), Krishna, Machilipatnam 9963453555
4 Joint Collector (Aasara),Machilipatnam 9989134870
5 District Revenue Officer, Krishna, MTM 9849903961

Is it possible to tell me what city serves as the administrative center of the Krishna district?

  • Located in the Coastal Andhra area of Andhra Pradesh, Krishna district is an administrative district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Machilipatnam serves as the administrative center of the district, and Vijayawada is the most populous city in the region.

Who ZP CEO of Krishna district?

Gadde Anuradha has been unanimously elected as the Chief of the Krishna ZP.

Who is Zilla Collector?

When it comes to state administration, a district is the fundamental unit, and the District Collector (ZIladhikari) or the District Magistrate (Zila Magistrate) is the official in charge of the district administration in Uttar Pradesh. In addition to being a member of the Indian Administrative Service, he is appointed by the state government (I.A.S.)

How many revenue divisions are there in Krishna district?

Currently, the district is divided into four revenue divisions: Vijayawada; Nuzvid; Machilipatnam; and Gudivada, each of which is overseen by a sub collector.

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What is DM and DC?

In India, a District Magistrate is a government official who is in charge of a district, which is the most basic administrative unit. The term “District Collector” or “Deputy Commissioner” is used in numerous Indian states to refer to them. They are commonly referred to by the abbreviations DM or DC in everyday conversation. There are roughly 741 districts in India.

Who is powerful mayor or collector?

The individual in charge of a district, India’s fundamental administrative unit, is known as the District Magistrate. In certain Indian states, they are referred to as District Collector or Deputy Commissioner. They are commonly referred to by the abbreviations DM or DC in everyday speech. Around 741 districts may be found in India.

Who is more powerful DM or SP?

The Superintendent of Police (SP) is often the most senior police official in a city or district (Exceptions for Larger cities and Metros, where you have a Senior SP SSP or CP). The District Manager (DM) is the most significant government person in a District.

Is tehsildar a revenue officer?

Tehsildar: A Tehsildar is a revenue administrative official who is in charge of collecting taxes from the people of a Tehsil. A Tehsildar is often referred to as a Patwari. Every police station has a certain region that falls within its jurisdiction.

What is the capital of Krishna district?

Located in Krishna district, Machilipatnam serves as the administrative headquarters. Vijayawada is the most populous city in the district (and the third most populous city in the state), as well as the district’s commercial center.

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How many mandals are there in nuzvid division?

Krishna district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh is home to the Nuzvid revenue division (also known as Nuzvid division), which is a division of the Krishna district. 14 mandals are under the administrative control of this revenue division, making it one of the district’s four revenue divisions. The division’s administrative center is located at Nuzvid.

Which is famous in Krishna district?

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions

  • Kanaka Durga Temple is located in the city of Kanaka. The Durga temple is located on the summit of a hill known as Indrakeeladri, near the city’s entrance. Other attractions include Gandhi Hill, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Mogalrajapuram Caves, St. Mary’s Church – Gunadala, Bhavani Island, the Victoria Museum, and the Kondapalli Fort.

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