Which Krishna Photo Is Good For Home? (Question)

When the idol is put in the northeast corner of the dwelling, it has the most effectiveness. You’ll want to face the statue either east to west or west to east, never north to south, if you want to get the best view. In accordance with Feng Shui principles, this location demonstrates the most respect for the Krishna statue while also allowing the energy to stay positive.

Can we keep Krishna photo at home?

Paintings or pictures of Radha Krishna can be displayed in the living room and bedrooms, according to Vastu principles. If your room faces north-east, the ideal direction or location to hang your artwork is in that direction. It is the best direction in which to hang artwork of any deities or idols.

Can we keep Krishna photo with flute in home?

According to Vastu, Lord Krishna is a great fan of the flute, and maintaining a flute in the house brings positive energy into the home and ensures that there is no disharmony inside the home. It is said that having the flute in the house can help to eradicate Vastu problems.

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Which colour is Favourite of Lord Krishna?

Because he is referred to as Pitambardhari, which literally translates as “the one who wears yellow,” yellow must be Krishna’s favorite color. He is also referred to as Hari, and lord Hari is related with the Haridra deity Hari (turmeric, which is yellow in colour).

Can I keep two Krishna idol at home?

It is recommended that no more than two Ganesha statues or photographs be kept in the place of devotion. One or more images of a deity may be displayed at different locations throughout the house. Aside from that, such an idol or picture of God should not be retained in the temple if it is in the posture of battle, or if the figure of God is enraged in some way.

Which wall is best for photos?

The greatest spot to put these images is on the south-west wall, because this placement strengthens the bonds and promotes harmony amongst the individuals in the picture. It is recommended that you never place your family photographs in the eastern or northern corners of your home.

Can we place God in bedroom?

You can put the mandir in the living room or the kitchen, as long as it is facing the northeast direction of your home and not the southwest. Having a mandir in the bedroom is not a smart idea. However, if it is absolutely necessary, place it at the north-east corner of the bedroom.

Can we keep Krishna idol in Tulsi plant?

Tulsi is revered to such an extent that it is cultivated and worshipped in the courtyards of nearly every Hindu home in the world. During this auspicious day, all devoted ladies worship the Tulsi plant with flowers, garlands, and milk, under the assumption that Lord Krishna is present on it. In addition to the Tulsi plant, a miniature statue of Krishna is maintained nearby.

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Can we keep Bal Gopal at home?

In front of the lord, a lamp and incense sticks are lighted, which is thought to be auspicious and to transmit positivity throughout the residence. This practice is performed twice a day in practically every Hindu family, once in the morning and once in the evening, in order to disseminate positivity and eradicate any negativity that may exist in the household.

What is Lord Krishna’s favorite flower?

Lord Krishna is a big fan of Kadamba flowers, which have a wonderful perfume. Kadamba is an important figure in Hindu mythology and rituals. During the wet season, the Kadamba tree blossoms with flowers. The blossoms of this plant are spherical in form and have a delicious fragrance.

What is Krishna’s favorite flower?

Tulsi is a favorite of Krishna’s. It is required to offer Tulsi flowers or leaves in order to worship Krishna at his temple. It is also necessary to include it in any type of prasad that is presented to Vasudev.

What is Krishna’s Favourite fruit?

Offerings to the Lord include a wide range of fruits, particularly the Jamun fruit, which is Lord Krishna’s favorite fruit, kalkandu (rock candy), and panagam (jaggery combined with water).

Which idol is good for home entrance?

An idol of Ganesha in the sitting posture, also known as the lalitasana, is regarded to be the most suitable for worshipping inside the confines of your own house. According to Vastu experts, the seated Ganesha indicates a calm and serene personality, which promotes a pleasant environment in the home and office.

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Which god idols should not be kept at home?

Natraj is thought to be the Rudra form of Lord Shiva, which means that he is one of Lord Shiva’s enraged incarnations. It is thus not recommended that the Natraj idol be maintained in the house. Consequently, there is turbulence in the home. It is also recommended that the idol of the solar god Shani Dev not be kept in the house when doing worship.

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