Where Is The Famous Virupaksha Temple Located? (Solution found)

The Virupaksha Temple (rupa’k) is a Hindu temple in Hampi, Karnataka, India, which is part of the Ballari district. UNESCO has classified the Group of Monuments at Hampi as a World Heritage Site, and it is a component of that group.

Where is Virupaksha temple why it is famous?

Virupaksha Temple is one of the most prominent Lord Shiva temples in Karnataka, and it has a long and illustrious history. It is located in Hampi, Ballari District, and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple has been designated as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The vast majority of people believe that Sri Krishnadevaraya the great was responsible for the construction of the temple.

Why was the Virupaksha temple built?

The Virupaksha Temple in India is the world’s oldest known temple, and it was erected by a queen. King Vikramaditya’s triumph against the Pallavas of Kanchipuram prompted Queen Lokamahadevi to construct this temple in 740 AD as a celebration of her husband’s victory. Pattadakal is comprised of nine temples, the greatest and most impressive of which is hers, the largest and most magnificent of them.

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How many Virupaksha temples are there?

There are two great temples, one dedicated to Lord Virupaksha and the other to Lord Mallikarjuna, that were erected by the queens of Vikramaditya II to commemorate the achievements of their husband.

Where is Hampi located Class 7?

To commemorate the achievements of Vikramaditya II, two major temples were constructed: the temple of Lord Virupaksha and the temple of Lord Mallikarjuna. Both temples are dedicated to Lord Virupaksha.

Where is Hampi located in which state?

Hampi is a town in the Vijayanagara region of the Indian state of Karnataka, located in the Hospet taluk. Hampi is a town in Andhra Pradesh that is located along the Tungabhadra River in the state’s eastern and central regions, on the border with the state of Andhra Pradesh.

What is the meaning of virupaksha?

It is often known as “Virupaksha,” which means “eyes without a shape.” Many individuals refer to this term as their given name. Virupa means “without shape,” and aksha means “eyes,” therefore it literally translates as “eyes without a form.”

Who built Vitthal temple?

It was under the reign of Devaraya II that the temple was constructed in the 15th century. He was a monarch of the Vijayanagara Empire, and he was a member of the royal family. The temple is devoted to Vittala and is also known as the Vijaya Vittala Temple; Vittala is also considered to be an avatar of Lord Vishnu, according to local legend.

Who built the temple of Kanchipuram?

The temple was constructed approximately 700 CE, with expansions made in the eighth century and renovations carried out in succeeding centuries. It is the first structural temple erected in South India by Narasimhavarman II (Rajasimha), who is also known as Rajasimha Pallaveswaram. It is the first temple built in the region by a Hindu monarch. His son, Mahendravarman III, finished the front fa├žade and the gopuram (tower of victory) (tower).

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Who built Hampi monuments?

Harihar and Bukka, the founders of the Vijay Nagar dynasty, were responsible for the construction of the monuments at Hampi.

Who built Mallikarjuna Temple?

The temple was constructed by Harihara Dhannayaka about the year 1234 A.D., during the reign of King Vira Narasimha II of the Hoysala Empire. The Archaeological Survey of India has designated this temple as a monument of national significance, and it has been conserved as such.

Which empire is Hampi famous for?

The Vijayanagara Empire developed from the ashes of the Kampili kingdom in 1336 CE, marking the beginning of the Mughal era. It developed into one of the most illustrious Hindu empires of southern India, ruling for more than 200 years. Vijayanagara was the name given to the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire, which was erected around Hampi.

Is Hampi a port town?

Answer: Hampi is a significant town in Karnataka. It is located on the banks of the River Tungabhadra. Hampi was a fortified city with a lot of defenses. It also possessed a plethora of magnificent temples. The money earned from commerce was utilized to construct temples by the monarchs.

Why did towns grew around temples?

Towns developed up around temples because temples were important in both the economics and society at the time. The riches of the temple officials was utilized to support commercial and banking activities. Another advantage of having such a high number of pilgrims was that tradesmen and craftspeople had an abundance of options for making money.

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