Where Is Lepakshi Temple? (Question)

In Andhra Pradesh, there is a temple called the Lepakshi Temple. What is the history of this temple?

  • The Lepakshi Temple is dedicated to the cult deity Veerabhadra, and it is located in the town of Lepakshi. The temple is located in the small village of Lepakshi, in the Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh, and is dedicated to the goddess Kali. In the 16th century, during the rule of the Vijayanagara kings, building of the temple began.

How can I reach Lepakshi from Chennai?

• 10h 57m by bus or taxi

  1. Get on a bus from Chennai CMBT to Hosur
  2. get on a bus from Hosur to Chikballapur Byepass
  3. get on a cab from Chikballapur Byepass to Lepkshi
  4. get off the bus at Chennai CMBT.

What is Lepakshi famous for?

The Veerabhadra Temple, located in the little village of Lepakshi in the Anantapur district, is renowned for preserving remarkable artifacts from the 16th century. The temple is located in the Anantapur district. The hamlet is about 120 kilometers away from the city of Bengaluru. Legend has it that the name Lepakshi is related with the bird Jatayu from the Ramayana.

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How do I get to Lepakshi?

In the village, the nearest train station is the Hindupur railway station, which is around 13-15 kilometers away by car. The Indian Railways operates direct trains to Hindupur from cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and other locations around the country. Once you get at Hindupur railway station, you may either take a cab or a bus to Lepakshi from there.

Is Lepakshi temple open now?

The Veerabhadra Temple Lepakshi is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the morning and evening, respectively.

What is special in Lepakshi Temple?

Lepakshi is culturally and archaeologically significant because it is the site of shrines devoted to Shiva, Vishnu, and Virabhadra, all of which were constructed during the reign of the Vijayanagara Empire (1336–1646) and are still standing today. Mural paintings of the Vijayanagara rulers and kannada inscriptions may be seen in the temples, as well as the temples themselves.

Where did Jatayu fell?

According to Kerala folklore, Jatayu was supposed to have fallen to his death on the rocks in Chadayamangalam in the Kollam area of the state after his wings were severed by Ravana, according to local legend.

How the name Lepakshi got its?

Lepakshi is popularly thought to have gotten its name from the occurrence in which Jatayu was killed by Ravana while trying to capture Sita, according to legend. This was the location where the huge bird had fallen, and when Ram came across the wounded Jatayu, he lovingly murmured, “Le, pakshi,” (“Rise, bird,” in Telugu), before tending to him and saving his life.

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How many pillars are floating in Lepakshi Temple?

There are over 70 pillars at this magnificent 16th-century temple of stone in the Vijayanagar style, but this one is the most well-known and serves as a testimony to the engineering skill of ancient and medieval India’s temple architects. The temple was built in the Vijayanagar style.

Is it safe to visit Lepakshi?

The monsoon season (July – October) As a result, it is advised to avoid visiting Lepakshi during these months. If you must go out in the rain, make sure you have umbrellas and raincoats with you to prevent being uncomfortable. Temperature range: between 21° C and 28° C at its coldest point.

Is Lepakshi worth visiting?

A lesser-known site, Lepakshi is rarely mentioned when it comes to day excursions from Bangalore in renowned travel publications. However, if you are interested in history, culture, or architecture, a visit to Lepakshi is highly recommended.

Can we visit Lepakshi temple from Bangalore?

This temple is located on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad highway (NH7), 180 kilometers from Bengaluru and on the same route as the Bengaluru International Airport. When traveling from Bengaluru to Lepakshi, you will pass via the Nandi Hills crossing. It is possible for both to visit on the same day if one can start early in the morning. It is 12 kilometers from the main highway.

Where is the hanging pillar?

You’ve most likely heard of Lepakshi saris before. The delicate margins of the pillars of a little-known temple around 120 kilometers from Bengaluru, known as the Veerabhadra Temple, served as inspiration for the magnificent decorations.

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Why Lepakshi temple is called World Heritage?

Located in the Vijayanagara Empire period, the town of Lepakshi is culturally and archaeologically significant because it has shrines devoted to Shiva, Vishnu, and Virabhadra, all of which were established during this time period. Mural paintings of the Vijayanagara kings and Telugu inscriptions may be seen in the temples, as well as the temples themselves.

How many temples are there in Andhra Pradesh?

This action has been made in order to disrupt the COVID-19 chain of command. Whereas Telangana has just eight monuments, Andhra Pradesh has 129 monuments, museums, forts, and temples under its authority, while Telangana has none.

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