When Was Ramanathaswamy Temple Built? (Correct answer)

The temple, in its current form, was constructed around the 12th century by the Pandya Dynasty of Sri Lanka. The temple has the longest hallway of any Hindu temple in India, and it is the most important. There is a difference in width between 17 and 21 feet, with a maximum height of 25 feet, in the width of these columned corridors.
What is the location of the Ramanathaswamy Temple?

  • The coordinates are 9.288106 and 79.317282 A Hindu temple devoted to the deity Shiva on the island of Rameswaram in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, the Ramanathaswamy Temple (Rmantasvmi Kyil) is located on the island of Rameswaram. It is also one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples, which are located throughout India.

Who built the Ramanathaswamy temple?

The temple itself has been under construction by rulers since the 12th century, with Sethupathy Maravar starting the construction of the grand Ramanathaswamy temple, which boasts of the ‘Third Corridor,’ which was completed by his successor, Maravar, and is the longest in Asia, measuring 197 metres from East to West and 133 metres from South to North.

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How much old is Ramanathaswamy temple?

The temple in its current form is thought to have been constructed around the 17th century, but Fergusson believes that the little vimana in the west corridor was constructed during the 11th or 12th centuries, according to his research. Construction of the temple is supposed to have been approved by King Kizhavan Sethupathi or Raghunatha Kilavan, who is also known as the King of Sri Lanka.

Who contributed to the ramanathaswamy architecture?

As the feudatories of the Madurai Nayaks, the Sethupathis controlled Ramanathapuram and made significant contributions to the design of the Ramanathaswamy temple.

Why there is no waves in Rameshwaram?

As a result of the lack of strong currents or rivers draining into the nearby sea, the salinity of the sea is relatively high and uniform across Rameshwaram (except for a few temple ponds, even the nearby land and wells are saline), and as a result, the waves are less frequently caused by salinity gradients or violent water movements.

Who built Rajarajeshwara temple?

The Rajarajesvara temple was erected by Rajaraja Chola I, who was one of the most successful monarchs of the medieval period. Tanjavur was the capital of the Chola Empire, which dominated most of present-day South India from around 848 to 1279, and was the site of the temple.

Which is oldest temple in world?

The world’s oldest temple, Göbekli Tepe, located in southern Turkey, is said to have been erected to worship Sirius, the dog star, according to certain theories. Despite the fact that just a few of the site’s at least 20 circular enclosures have been discovered since excavations began in the mid-1990s, the site’s 11,000-year-old structure is still worth exploring.

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Which is the longest corridor in India?

The Ramanathaswamy Corridor in Tamil Nadu (1,220 meters in length) is the country’s longest corridor.

Which God is there in Murudeshwar temple?

Sri Mridesa Linga, commonly known as Murdeshwar, is the most important god. According to legend, it is a fragment of the original Atma Linga and is located around two feet below ground level.

When was first Hindu temple built?

The first documented references to temples date back to the third and fourth centuries CE, while the earliest surviving temple constructions date back to the fifth and sixth centuries CE. The temple was not a part of the Vedic tradition.

When was Hinduism founded?

The majority of historians think that Hinduism originated sometime between 2300 B.C. and 1500 B.C. in the Indus Valley, which is located close to present-day Pakistan. Many Hindus, on the other hand, believe that their religion is ageless and has always been. Hinduism, in contrast to other faiths, does not have a single founder, but is rather a synthesis of diverse beliefs.

When was Kailasa temple built?

This cave is the sixteenth cave in the Ellora Caves complex, and it is one of the 32 cave temples and monasteries that make up the magnificent Ellora Caves. According to historical accounts, it was constructed between the years 756 and 773 AD by the Rashtrakuta King Krishna I in the eighth century.

Which place is called the temple town in Andhra Pradesh?

Bhadrachalam is a prominent town of pilgrimage importance in Telangana’s Khammam District, and it is located in the town of Bhadrachalam. Bhadrachalam is a temple town on the banks of the Godavari River, which is located in southern India. Until 1959, it was a part of the Andhra Pradesh district of East Godavari. The town is known across the world for its renowned temple dedicated to Lord Rama.

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Which temple has 1000 pillars in the corridor?

The Ramanathaswamy Temple and its 1000-pillar hallways are a sight to see! The temple has a long and illustrious history.

Who took over the priesthood of the Rameswaram temple?

Ramanadha succeeded his father as a priest at the Rameswaram temple; Aravindan got into the business of organizing transportation for pilgrims; and Sivaprakasan went into the catering industry for the Southern Railways, where he is now a catering contractor for the company. 4.

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