What Is Love By Krishna?

“We are all souls, spiritual beings (Gita 2.13), entitled to enjoy in eternal love with the exceedingly lovely and loving God, Krishna,” Krishna explains to Arjuna at the outset of His discourse of love. When our loving nature is tainted by selfishness, we begin to love things rather than people, and this is especially true of the Supreme Being.

What is love according to Krishna?

Strong desires and unproductive emotional attachments must be subdued, according to Krishna, in order for the human heart to connect with its inner wellspring of energy. If we devote ourselves to God in this way, love will flood our minds, revealing the inner fire of consciousness and enveloping our hearts in delight. A condition like this represents the apex of religious experience.

Who was Krishna real love?

Shri Krishna did not marry Radha during his stay in the Prithvi Loka, which was a disappointment to everyone. Instead, he tied the knot with Rukmini and Satyabhama. As a result, followers are perplexed as to why Krishna never wedded Radha, whom he adored and who was also head over heels in love with him.

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What is love according to Krishna Quora?

As said by Lord Krishna, love is merely an action that is performed without regard to any other feelings. You might think of it as a sensation that does not exist. Because his or her love is pure and divine, the one who has no attachments may only love honestly because his or her love is true and divine. Love is devoid of any expectations on the part of the lover. There have been 1.2K views.

Does Lord Krishna love everyone?

Krishna as a Companion Considering that this planet is his creation and that we are all his creations, our friendship with him is both soul-stirring and delightful. “All of them–as they surrender to Me–are rewarded in proportion to their submission. “Everyone follows My way in all respects, O son of Prtha [Arjuna],” says the Lord.

What Krishna says about love marriage?

“When a man falls in love with a woman and a woman falls in love with a man, but their families are opposed to their love and marriage, this is referred as as Dharma.”

Who loved Krishna most?

In spite of Krishna’s multiple marriages to other women, Rukmini remained his primary companion and the monarch of Dwarka.

Is Radha and Sita same?

Radha, like Sita, is a manifestation of the goddess Lakshmi. Radha is the fundamental Shakti of Krishna, just as Sita is the spouse of Rama. Radha is also the consort of Rama. Despite this, their lives take completely different paths. As the unwavering symbol of familial obligation, Sita follows the dictates of her patriarchal and hierarchical environment without question.

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Who loved Radha most?

In the sixteenth century, when the Bhakti movement was in full swing, she became even more well-known as her exceptional devotion to Krishna was brought to light. Radha has her first significant appearance in the Sanskrit Gita Govinda written by Jayadeva in the 12th century, as well as in Nimbarkacharya’s intellectual works.

What does Gita say about relationship?

Gita tells us to view others in the same light that we see ourselves. When we love someone, we will not treat them badly if we perceive them as we see ourselves. Put the other person first in order to have the simplest of love relationships, and you will be amazed at how lovely your life becomes.

What Krishna says about karma?

“The meaning of Karma is found in the purpose,” Lord Krishna explained. It is the purpose that drives the action that is important. When it comes down to it, karma may be simply defined as the result of an action, but only in an implicit way. It has the potential to be both beneficial and detrimental.

What is a true love?

In a pleasant, passionate, fulfilling relationship, true love is a strong and enduring affection between spouses or lovers who are in a strong and lasting affection. When a couple has been married for 40 years yet continues to be enthusiastic about and care profoundly for each other, this is an example of real love. noun.

Who is Krishna best friend?

Gift. Sudama was a classmate of Lord Krishna’s and a very close friend of the Lord. Lord Krishna was a king in his own right. Sudama was a Brahmin from a destitute family in poverty.

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What did Krishna look like?

The skin of Lord Krishna is represented as blue or blue-black in color, depending on the source. He is accompanied by a cow or a cowherd and plays a bansuri, a traditional Indian flute. Krishna is known by a variety of different names, including Govinda, Madhusudhana, Vasudeva, and Mukunda, among others.

Is Krishna male or female?

In Hinduism, deity is sometimes represented as a male god such as Krishna (on the left), a female god such as Lakshmi (on the center), androgynous such as Ardhanarishvara (a combination of Shiva – male – and Parvati – female) (on the right), or as the formless and genderless Brahman (on the right) (Universal Absolute, Supreme Self as Oneness in everyone).

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