What Did Krishna Shankar Pandya Persuade Mahatma Gandhi To Learn? (Correct answer)

What was it about Gandhi’s power to speak on behalf of India that the British questioned?

  • The British questioned the Congress party’s legitimacy, as well as Gandhi’s power to speak for the whole country of India. They summoned religious leaders from throughout India, including Muslims and Sikhs, to urge their demands along religious lines, as well as B. R. Ambedkar, who was invited as the untouchables’ representative leader.

Who was Krishna Shankar Pandya?

K. Shankar Pandit (1893–1989) was an Indian musician who was widely regarded as one of the most important vocalists of the Gwalior gharana (school of music). He was the author of several papers and eight books on music, and he was the founder of the Shankar Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, a music college in Gwalior, which he founded.

What did Gandhi ji do apart from studies?

Gandhiji is now pursuing a legal career in Rajkot, where he lives. After some time had passed, he received an opportunity to relocate to South Africa to work as a legal consultant for an Indian firm run by a Gujarati Muslim businessman there. Gandhiji accepted the invitation, and in May 1893, he traveled to Natal, South Africa, to continue his work.

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Which college did Gandhiji study?

Satya and Ahimsa were the ragas that Mahatma Gandhi favored the most. Swadeshi and Khadi were the ‘Thaats’ that he employed. His Vadi and Samvadi, Swaras were Brahmacharya and selflessness, and his Swaras were the same. Asatya and Himsa were Varjit Swaras, and Asatya was a Varjit Swara.

Was Gandhi good at studies how will you support your answer?

He has described it quite effectively in his autobiography’s first half, second chapter, which is drawn as if he were a youngster. His high school years were described as “ordinary,” and he has stated that he was a “average” student.

Was Gandhi a good student?

He has described it quite well in his autobiography’s first portion, second chapter, which is portrayed as if it were a child’s drawing of himself. His high school years were described as “ordinary,” and he has stated that he was a “average student.”

What kind of student was Gandhiji?

He has described it quite effectively in his autobiography’s first section, second chapter, which is depicted as if it were a childhood memory. He has previously stated that he was an average student throughout his high school years.

What was Gandhi’s nickname in childhood?

Gandhi Ji’s childhood nickname was Moniya, which means “little monkey.”

Who is Gandhi’s son?

Gandhi’s sociopolitical acumen, on the other hand, drove him to take the developing discourse of classical music and repurpose it to his own goals, to the point that he insisted on a classically trained musician to preside over the musical events at his ashram.

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Which musical instrument did Gandhi try to learn to play?

This is what he says in his autobiography: “I began learning to play the violin in order to have a better understanding of the notes and beats in the music. Three pounds were spent on the acquisition of a violin, with further funds going toward its instruction.” However, the “moha” did not persist for long.

What does the word Gandhi mean?

Occupational term for a perfume vendor in modern Indic languages, derived from the Sanskrit word gandhika, which means ‘perfume seller’. Hindu (Bania, Vania, Arora, Jat), Jain, Parsi, and Sikh occupational names that imply ‘perfume seller’ in modern Indic languages. The word can alternatively be translated as ‘grocer’ or ‘pharmacist’ in Gujarati.

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