Vallimalai Temple How Many Steps? (Perfect answer)

A cave temple dedicated to Lord Murugan and Valli, located on the summit of a hill. To get to the summit of the hill, you must climb roughly 500 stairs.

Who is the king of opening in Tamil cinema?

Thala Ajith is known as the “Kollywood Emperor.” He is often regarded as the box office king of Kollywood. His films have such a tremendous opening weekend that they are on par with the opening weekend of a Rajinikanth picture at the box office.

Who is heroine in Valimai?

How Steven Spielberg rose to the top of the Hollywood film industry.

Who is box office king Vijay or Ajith?

Vijay is the highest-grossing superstar at the Tamil Nadu Box Office, with a total collection of Rs 550 crore (from all films released so far), and his latest film, Master, is still raking in the dough. Rajinikanth, who has earned Rs 420 crore from all of his films in Tamil Nadu, is the next highest earner, followed by Ajith, who has earned Rs 370 crore.

Who is mass hero Tamilnadu?

Ilayathalapathy Vijay is still considered to be the guy of the people. According to a recent poll conducted by a marketing agency, Vijay’s face has the greatest reach in Tamil Nadu, second only to Rajinikanth’s face.

Is Ajith won National Award?

Ajith Kumar, who was born in Hyderabad to a Sindhi mother and a Tamil father from Palakkad, has gone on to control Tamil Nadu ever since he first stepped foot in the entertainment world.

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Is Ajith Kumar a pilot?

A pilot who has earned his or her license Only his ardent admirers are aware that Thala Ajith is a trained pilot who is capable of piloting a fighter aircraft under the supervision of a licensed pilot. Ajith was frequently seen training at the Chennai Flying Club, where he was a member.

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