Krishna Was Which Number Child Born To Vasudeva? (Best solution)

According to the voice, ‘the marriage of Devaki and Vasudev shall be blessed, for out of this union shall come eight sons.’ ‘ However, the demon Kansa should be on his guard since Devaki’s eighth son will be his downfall.

Is Krishna 7th son of Devaki?

It was at the right moment that the foetus transplanted to Rohini’s womb was born, and he was called Balarama. As a result, Devaki’s seventh kid was born healthy and whole. Krishna’s leela, in which Kamsa decides to spare Devaki’s life, reveals that the decision was made by the Lord himself. Krishna was born to Devaki after she carried the eighth child to full term.

How many children was born to Devaki and Vasudeva before the birth of Lord Krishna?

He had eight sons with Devaki, six of whom were slain by Kamsa and the other two of them were Balarama (who was placed into the womb of Rohini) and Krishna. He also had a daughter, named Subhadra, who was born to Rohini. Vasudeva was also married to Sutanu, the princess of Kasi, according to certain versions of the Bhagavata Purana, and the couple produced a son named Paundraka.

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What happened to 7 sons of Devaki?

As they were preparing to return to Satyaloka as soon as possible, they were slaughtered by Kansa, who was none other than Kalanemi in his pre birth form. 2. Balarama was the seventh one on the list. Being Sri Rama’s younger brother, he performed outstanding service as Lakshmana.

Who were the six sons of Devaki?

Krttimat, Sushena, Udayin, Bhadrasena, Rijudasa, and Bhadradeha were the names of Devaki’s six dead boys, who were all named after her. Devaki became the mother of Balarama shortly after, thanks to the surrogacy of Rohini. She raises her voice in opposition to the murdering of Nanda and Yashoda’s daughter, but Kamsa throws her to the ground on a rock.

Who was Devaki in previous birth?

Krishna was born in the Dwapar yuga from the womb of Devaki (Kaushalya, Aditi), and he was reared by Mother Yashoda at this time (incarnation of Kaikeyi). In addition, as Kaikeyi had hoped, Krishna would spend His time as a kid in her home in the same manner that any other child would do.

How was Balram born?

Kansa, the evil demon, had previously slain Devaki’s first six children by slamming them against a stone while they were newborns. According to Hindu mythology, Vishnu intervened and, when Balarama was formed, his baby was transferred from Devaki’s womb to the womb of Rohini, Vasudeva’s first wife, according to the account.

Is Krishna 8th son of Devaki?

Devaki’s eighth son was born at midnight on a dark and stormy night in the month of Sravan, when she was pregnant with her seventh son. The newborn was as black as the clouds that had blanketed the sky earlier in the evening. As a result, he was given the name Krishna, which literally translates as “dark” or “black.” As Vasudev and Devaki waited in horror for Kansa to emerge, the room fell silent at the same time.

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Is Kunti Vasudev’s real sister?

Birth and the first several years of life Kunti was the biological daughter of Shurasena, a Yadava monarch, and was raised by her mother. Pritha was her given name at birth. She is also referred to as the goddess Siddhi’s reincarnation, according to certain sources. She was the sister of Vasudeva, Krishna’s father, and had a strong relationship with the latter as a result of this.

Was Devaki real sister of Kans?

Kasa (Sanskrit:, IAST: Kasa) or Kansa was the tyrannical ruler of the Vrishni empire, which had its capital at Mathura. He was born in the city of Mathura. Kamsa was the cousin of Devaki, the mother of the deity Krishna, and it was through his death that Krishna was able to fulfill a prophecy. Kamsa was the son of King Ugrasena and Queen Padmavati, and he grew up in the kingdom.

Who was Radha in her previous birth?

An anecdote relates that Radha, who had been Krishna’s wife in his previous incarnation, was walking through the park when she happened to see Lord Krishna with Virja, who was another of his wives at the time.

How is Rohini related to Krishna?

A queen of the Hindu god Krishna, who is an incarnation of the god Vishnu, and the king of Dwarka – during the Dvapara Yuga – Rohini is the queen of the god Krishna (epoch). According to Hindu mythology, she is referred to as a queen in several texts including Mahabharata, the Vishnu Purana, the Bhagavatta Purana, and the Harivamsa, which is an appendix to the Mahabharata.

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