Krishna Sagar Dam On Which River? (Question)

The dam, which spans the river Kaveri, was constructed in 1924. For the districts of Mysore, it is the most important supply of water. The water is utilized for irrigation in Mysore and Mandya, and also serves as the primary supply of drinking water for the whole cities of Mysore and Mandya, as well as practically the entire city of Bengaluru, the state’s capital.

On which river Krishna Sagar dam is built?

Krishnarajasagara is located around 18 kilometers from Srirangapattana, 16 kilometers from Mysore, and 143 kilometers from Bangalore. It is a reservoir that has been built over the Kaveri river in India. A dam is being built below the junction of the three rivers, the Kaveri, the Hemavati, and the Lakshmanathirta, to control floodwaters.

On which river is Krishna Sagar dam and Mettur dam situated?

In 1932, the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, which spans the river Kaveri and serves the districts of Mysore and Mandya in Karnataka, was completed. The dam was built in memory of Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, the monarch of the Mysore Kingdom at the time of its construction.

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Who built Krishna Raja Sagar dam?

Visvesvaraya had already constructed a temple long before Jawaharlal Nehru dreamt up thoughts of ‘temples’ for contemporary India in his imagination. As the chief engineer of Mysore, he was responsible for the conception and supervision of the construction of the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam on the Cauvery River, which was at the time India’s greatest river valley project.

In which state is the Krishnasagar dam situated?

It is also referred to as the Krishna Raja Sagara (KRS) because of the lake that it generates and the dam that produces it. They are located near the Krishnarajasagara town in the Indian state of Karnataka. Located in Mandya district, the surkhi-mortar gravity dam is built at the confluence of the Kaveri River and its affluent rivers, the Hemavati and the Lakshmana Tirtha.

On which river is the Nagarjuna Sagar dam constructed?

Located in Nagarjuna Sagar, the Krishna River Dam is a masonry structure that spans the border between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, spanning the Krishna River. It is the largest masonry dam in the world.

On which river Gandhi Sagar dam is constructed?

The Gandhisagar Dam is located 168 kilometers away from the district’s administrative headquarters. The Chambal River is being dammed to facilitate the construction of the dam.

Which district is Mullaperiyar dam?

The Gandhisagar Dam is located 168 kilometers away from the district’s administrative center in Rajkot. The Chambal River is being dammed to allow the construction of the dam.

Which is the biggest dam in Karnataka?

The Tungabhadra dam is believed to be the largest dam in the state of Karnataka. It is being constructed at Hospet, over the Tungabhadra River, for a variety of purposes.

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Is KRS dam full?

The dam has achieved its full reservoir level (FRL) for the first time since 2010, and it did so as late as the last week of October, marking the first time since 2010. On October 29, 2021, the water level at the KRS dam, which spans the river Cauvery in Karnataka, reached its maximum level of 124.80 feet. | SRIRAM M.A. is credited with the photograph.

Which dam is used by Karnataka for irrigation Class 6?

The Krishnasagar Dam, on the Cauvery River in Karnataka, has been erected. Its stored water is utilized for irrigation in a number of Karnataka towns and districts.

Where is KRS dam constructed?

The KRS Dam, which is located in Mysore. The Krishna Raja Sagar Dam, often known as the KRS Dam, is a major tourist site in Mysore. It is situated in the city of Krishnarajasagara in the state of Karnataka.

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