Krishna Nagar Comes Under Which District? (Solution found)

Located in the Trans-Yamuna region of Delhi, Krishna Nagar is an urban ward in the East Delhi district of the national capital. It is surrounded by the neighborhoods of Vishwas Nagar, Gandhi Nagar, and Preet Vihar Geeta Colony.

  • Krishna Nagar Batala is a neighborhood in the Gurdaspur district. PIN Codes are also referred to as Zip Codes and Postal Codes. I’m looking for the Pin Code for KRISHNA NAGAR BATALA, PUNJAB. The Pin Code for KRISHNA NAGAR BATALA is 143505.

Which part of Delhi is Krishna Nagar?

Krishna Nagar is a neighborhood in East Delhi that is located in the Trans-Yamuna area near the border with Uttar Pradesh. It is bordered by Geeta Colony, PreetVihar, Gandhi Nagar, Vishwas Nagar, and Arjun Nagar, among other neighborhoods.

Why is krishnagar famous?

Aside from its historical significance, Krishnanagar is mostly recognized for its clay modeling. It has gained widespread recognition around the world. The clay modelling center of Ghurni may be found on the banks of the Jalangi river, near the town of Ghurni. The work here is being carried out by well-known artists.

What is the pin code of Krishnanagar?

Krishna observed that he wasn’t developing as fast as he should have been and that he wasn’t keeping up with other children his age when he was just two years old. Following a visit to the doctor, it was discovered that Krishna suffered from dwarfism, which resulted in a lack of growth hormones in his body.

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What is postal code of Laxmi Nagar?

Siliguri, often called Shiliguri, is a city in the northern West Bengal state in northeastern India, and is the state capital. It is located immediately west of the Mahananda River.

Why Nadia district is famous?

The district of Nadia contains important pilgrimage and ancient learning centers such as Nabadwip, Santipur, and Mayapur, as well as historical sites such as Ballal Dhipi, the Battle Ground of Plassey, Krishnanagar Rajbari, the Birth Place of Poet Krittibas at Fulia, and tourist attractions such as Bethuadahari Forest and Ghurni. The district also contains some important pilgrimage and ancient learning centers such as Nabadwip,

What is the Pincode of Nadiad?

Krishna Nagar is a para-badminton player from India who also works as an assistant forest conservator for the Indian Forest Service (IFS) in the state of Rajasthan. He is most recognized for earning a gold medal at the 2020 Summer Paralympics in Tokyo, when he will represent the United States.

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