How To Reach Mannarasala Temple? (Question)

How to Get There. Located around 30 kilometers from Alleppey and approximately 3 kilometers from the Haripad bus station, Mannarsala Sree Nagaraja Temple is a must-see. If you are coming from Haripad, you may easily rent a cab or an auto rickshaw to transport you to the temple.

  • The Mannarasala Temple is located around 3 kilometers north-east of the Haripad bus station on National Highway 47 in the Alappuzha district of Kerala, on the outskirts of the town of Haripad. The temple is located 90 kilometers from Cochin on the Kochi-Trivandrum Highway, which connects the two cities. Alapuzha is a large town that is located along the route.

How do I get to Mannarasala temple?

According to the temple’s website, it lies around 3 kilometers north-east of the bus station along NH66 in Haripad, in the Alappuzha district of Kerala.

How to reach Mannarasala temple by train?

After arriving in Alapuzha, you will need to travel to Haripad, which is a little village that is extremely near to the Mannarasala Temple. It is necessary to disembark at the Haripad station, which is located near the temple and where autos run to the temple at a subsidised rate if you are going by rail from Kochi or Trivandrum.

Which district is Mannarasala?

Located near Harippad in the Alappuzha region of Kerala, the Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja temple is a snake shrine that is under the patronage of a Brahmin family.

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Who is Mannarasala Amma?

The site has since been revered as the mother of Lord Nagaraja, and devotees from all over the world have flocked to Mannarasala Amma’s shrine in order to get her blessings. The festival is held in the Malayalam month of Thulam and is held to seek the blessings of the Serpent King, Nagaraja, and other snake deities who reside in the vicinity of the festival site.

What is Ayilya Pooja?

Nagaraja and Nagayakshi are the snake gods and goddesses that are honored during the Ayilyam Puja. It is conducted with great pomp and splendor on the Ayilyam day of the Hindu months on the first day of the month. The Noorum Palum is the centerpiece of the collection. Devotees who believe in Naga Leksmi Devi will be blessed with the ability to solve money difficulties and get prosperity.

What is Noorum Palum?

A traditional sacrifice to the snake deities at temples and sarppakavus in Kerala, noorum palum is a mixture of turmeric powder, rice flour, milk, tender coconut, and banana that is made from tender coconut and banana.

What is the pin code of Haripad Kerala?

This snake shrine is under the patronage of a Brahman family, which is led by a Priestess, and is dedicated to the goddess of serpents. It is located near the town of Hariprasad, 32 kilometers from Alappuzha. A five-headed snake, according to legend, was given birth to by the first Priestess and is said to be guarding the temple under the protection of this particular family.

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