How To Reach Kukke Subramanya Temple? (Perfect answer)

You may take a train from Hyderabad to Subramanya Road station, which is around 30 minutes away. Alternatively, you may fly from Hyderabad to Mangalore and then take a bus to Kukke Subramanya from there.
What is the best way to get to Kukke Subrahmanya?

  • The Mangalore International Airport is the closest airport to Kukke Subrahmanya. From there, you may take a vehicle or a cab to Kukke Subramanya, which is only a 2-hour journey away from Mangalore and is a popular tourist destination. The closest airport is Mangalore International Airport (IXE), which is 84 kilometers away from Subramanya.

How can I go to Kukke Subramanya temple?

Airports: The Mangalore airport is the closest to Kukke Subrahmanya. To go to Kukke Subramanya, you’ll need to take a vehicle or a cab from Mangalore, which is only a two-hour journey away. It is 84 kilometers from Subramanya to the nearest airport, the Mangalore International Airport (IXE).

How is the road from Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya?

It is possible to go from Bangalore to Kukke by taking NH 4 from Bangalore to Sakleshpura – Gundiya and then taking a 20-kilometer detour to Kukke from Gundiya. The road is quite well set out, and you can go to this location in comfort in a Nano vehicle. The roads are generally in fair condition, with some sections having just been constructed.

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Is buses available from Dharmasthala to Kukke Subramanya?

Kukke Subramanya Bus Service from Dharmasthala to Kukke There are around 0 buses that run on the Dharmasthala to Kukke Subramanya route. There are 0 bus companies that service this route, including well-known bus companies such as operate buses every day.

Which day is good for Subramanya Swamy?

He is worshipped on the final day of the month of Kartik (October–November), which is the last day of the year.

Which day is good for Kukke Subramanya?

The Adi Subramanya temple is located on the north side of the complex, just outside the Kukke Subramaya temple. On weekends, the flood of people is greater, and it is possible that one may not be able to receive the correct darshan of the diety. It is best to visit the temple during the weekdays and avoid going on Ekadashi, when no rites are done.

What is 2S train?

It is located on the north side of the temple complex, just outside the Kukke Subramaya temple. There are more people on weekends, which means it may be difficult to obtain a decent darshan of the diety on certain days. Traveling to the temple on Ekadashi should be avoided if possible, as no rites are conducted.

How is the road from Bangalore to Sringeri?

From Bangalore, it takes 7.5 hours to reach Sringeri. The roads are quite beautiful, assuming that you pick the “pleasant way.” If you take the “Nice road,” you may cross over 40 KMs in Bangalore in less than 30 minutes and enter Tumkur road without leaving the city. There are various tolls on the route; you must pay four additional fees totaling $20, $35, 45, and 40. (on four toll booths you stop).

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How can I go to Ghati Subramanya by train?

Ghati Subramanya may be accessible by train from Bangalore’s Makalidurga station, which is a short distance from the city. There is a 4.5-kilometer distance between Makalidurga and Ghati Subramanya, while the distance between Makalidurga and Bangalore is 57 kilometers.

Who can do Sarpa Samskara?

Sarpa Samskara Pooja (also known as Sarpa Dosha Pooja) can be performed by the person who is affected if he is a married man, or by a priest if the person is unmarried. This is due to the fact that the pooja includes rituals that are comparable to those performed during the performance of shrartham (death rites). Devotees of Sarpa Samskara seva are obliged to stay for a minimum of two days.

How is the road from Bangalore to Tirupati?

All of the way up to Tirupati is a two-lane road, and there was hardly little traffic and no potholes to be found. Despite the fact that the road conditions are excellent, On this route, one may easily maintain speeds of 80-100 KMPH. Because the two-lane road between Hoskote and Chintamani was recently constructed, the ride was exceptionally smooth on this section.

How is road from Bangalore to Dharmasthala?

The length of road between Bengaluru and Hassan, as well as between Sakleshpur and Subrahmanya, is generally decent, with the exception of a tiny section at Sakleshpur. When traveling away from the highway, you’ll find yourself on small single-lane roads between Dharmasthala, Horanadu, Sringeri, and Murudeswara. The road from Murudeswara to Jag falls and Bangalore is in decent shape.

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Is jeans allowed in Dharmasthala?

Furthermore, according to Kannada Prabha, which cites Dharmasthala temple administrators, the temple has made specific arrangements for the prime minister to change his garments. In fact, worshippers who are dressed in slacks are barred from entering the temple through the main door.

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