How To Reach Kukke Subramanya Temple From Vijayawada? (Solved)

The shortest method to go from Vijayawada to Kukke Subramanya Temple is to fly and take a cab, which will cost you between 9,000 and 19,000 rupees and take 8 hours and 15 minutes. What is the distance between Vijayawada and Kukke Subramanya Temple? The driving distance between Vijayawada and Kukke Subramanya Temple is 690 kilometers (kilometers). The distance between the two points is 871 kilometers. 3
What is the best way to get to Kukke Subrahmanya Temple?

  • The distance between this train station and Kukke Subrahmanya Temple is roughly 12.5 kilometers. Jeeps and auto rickshaws may be hired to transport you from the train station to the temple at any hour of the day.

How to reach Kukke Subramanya swamy Temple?

The Mangalore International Airport is the closest airport to Kukke Subrahmanya. From there, you may take a vehicle or a cab to Kukke Subramanya, which is only a 2-hour journey away from Mangalore and is a popular tourist destination. Return flight rates to Mangalore International Airport (IXE) from major cities in India are shown below as a guideline.

Can we go to Dharmasthala after Kukke Subramanya?

Yes, you are free to go to any location of your choosing. My recommendation is to pay a visit to Dharmasthala or Talakaveri, respectively. There are no restrictions this time.

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What is 2S train?

In train seats, 2S is an abbreviation for second sitting or second seater. In the shape of benches, there are seating options available. Because there are no beds and the seating is arranged in a sitting position, this bus does not provide sleeping accommodations for its passengers.

Why Kukke Subramanya temple is famous?

This pilgrim site, nestled between hills, is famed for the Kukke Subramanya temple, which stands on the banks of the Kumaradhara river and is over 5000 years old. The epics tell the story of how the celestial serpent Vasuki and other snakes sought sanctuary in the caves under the protection of Lord Subrahmanya.

Is it safe to drive from Bangalore to Kukke Subramanya?

It is possible to go from Bangalore to Kukke by taking NH 4 from Bangalore to Sakleshpura – Gundiya and then taking a 20-kilometer detour to Kukke from Gundiya. The road is quite well set out, and you can go to this location in comfort in a Nano vehicle. The roads are generally in fair condition, with some sections having just been constructed.

Which day is good for Kukke Subramanya?

NH 4 connects Bangalore with Sakleshpura and Gundiya, with NH 4 deviating 20 kilometers to Kukke from Gundiya. This is the shortest route between Bangalore and Kukke. You may easily get to this location in a Nano because the road is well-maintained. There are some new sections of road that are in decent condition generally.

Is darshan allowed in Kukke Subramanya?

According to DK Deputy Commissioner Dr Rajendra K V, devotees would be permitted to have darshan at the Kukke Sri Subrahmanya Temple and the Sri Kshetra Dharmastala between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm on weekdays. Weekends, on the other hand, would not be permitted for darshan.

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Is jeans allowed in Kukke Subramanya temple?

Temple visitors should dress in traditional Hindu garb or ethnic clothing when visiting temples, rather than western attire. According to Sharan Kumar, Vishwa Hindu Parishad division secretary for Mangaluru, “At Kukke temple, we have seen worshippers in jeans, t-shirts, half pants, and even night trousers,” he claimed.

What is the full from of PNR?

Passenger Name Record (PNR) is an abbreviation for Passenger Name Record, and it is a digital certificate that allows travellers to check in online and maintain their bookings in a short amount of time. Passenger Name Record (also known as booking number) is a six-character alphanumeric identifier that is used to identify a passenger (letters and numbers are used together).

What is RLWL?

What is the RLWL, often known as the Remote Location Waiting List? In the Indian Railways’ remote location waiting list (also known as RLWL) category, train tickets are granted to railway passengers for intermediate railway stations, which are located in remote locations (that means between the originating station and the terminating station).

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CC. AC chair car: An air-conditioned bus with five seats in a row that is utilized for daytime intercity travel on long distance routes.

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