How To Reach Kotilingeshwara Temple? (Best solution)

The best way to get to Kotilingeshwara. The nearest railway station is Coromandel, which is around 6 kilometers away from Kammasandra. The nearest airport is Bangalore International Airport, which is around 98 kilometers away from Kammasandra. Kolar Goldfields railway station, which is 8 kilometers distant, is the nearest train station.
What is the location of the Kotilingeshwara temple?

  • The Kotilingeshwara Temple is located in Kammasandra, a tiny village in Karnataka’s Kolar district, and it is dedicated to the goddess of knowledge. This location has been inhabited since the 8th century CE, and the temple that stands now is a recent addition to that history. One of the most notable features of Kotilingeshwara Temple is its hundreds of thousands of Shivlings, including one of the world’s biggest at 108 feet in height.

How do I get to Kotilingeshwara Temple?

COL is the station code for Coromandel, which is located on the Bangalore city-via-Bangarpet-Marikuppam line, which is the closest railway station. The temple is about 5 kilometers distant from Coromandel and is readily accessible by auto (maximum cost Rs 100-120) from outside the train station. The temple is well-maintained, and the entrance price is merely 20 rupees.

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How can I go to Kotilingeshwara from Bangalore by train?

The cheapest mode of transportation from Bengaluru to Kotilingeshwara is by rail, which costs between 290 and 900 rupees and takes 1h 57 minutes. What is the most efficient mode of transportation between Bengaluru and Kotilingeshwara? To go from Bengaluru to Kotilingeshwara in the shortest amount of time, take a train through Bangarapet, which costs between 440 and 1,100 rupees and takes 1h 3 minutes.

What is special about Kotilingeshwara Temple?

A train ride from Bengaluru to Kotilingeshwara is the most affordable mode of transportation, costing between 290 and 900 rupees and taking one hour and fifty seven minutes. The quickest method to go from Bengaluru to Kotilingeshwara is by taking a flight. To go from Bengaluru to Kotilingeshwara in the shortest amount of time, take a train through Bangarapet, which costs 440 – 1,100 rupees and takes 1h 3 minutes.

How do I get to Kotilingeshwara temple from bangarpet?

The quickest method to go from Bangarapet to Kotilingeshwara is to hire a cab, which will cost you between 350 and 420 and transport you there in 13 minutes. What is the distance between Bangarapet and Kotilingeshwara? Between Bangarapet and Kotilingeshwara, the road distance is 13 kilometers. The distance between the two points is 13.9 kilometers.

How many shivling are there in Kotilingeshwara?

The word “Koti” in Sanskrit means ten million, and that is the goal of the temple, which is to have ten million shiva lingas of Lord Shiva, thanks to the generosity of the public.

How can I go to Kolar from Bangalore?

Traveling by rail from Bangalore to Kolar is the most convenient mode of transportation. The train from Bangalore to Kolar takes around 0 h 31 m. You may take a train from Bangalore to Kolar and get out at the station. There is a cost associated with the railway ticket of roughly Rs.

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How far is Nandi Hills from Bangalore?

It takes around 65 kilometers to go by car from the city of Bangalore to the Nandi Hills resort area. To go to Nandi Hills from Bangalore, it will take you approximately an hour and a half, and along the way, you’ll pass a Jain temple, the Devanahalli Port, and a variety of eateries where you can stop for breakfast or lunch.

How many Lingam are there in Kotilingeshwara Temple?

The total number of Lingas The temple of Kotilingeshwara contains over 90 lakh lingas of varying sizes in its sacred space. The goal of the temple project is to have one crore lingas installed in this temple. Because of the large number of Shiva lingas in the complex, it is also referred to as Kotilingeshwara.

Which God is there in Murudeshwar temple?

Sri Mridesa Linga, commonly known as Murdeshwar, is the most important god. According to legend, it is a fragment of the original Atma Linga and is located around two feet below ground level.

Who created Kotilingeshwara Temple?

Swami Sambha Shiva Murthy built this temple in the year 1980, and it is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. The first linga was erected at the temple in 1980, and there have been more lingas added to the temple throughout the years. In addition to the linga, a massive and towering Nandi has been erected nearby. The Nandi towers above the platform, which is 11 meters in height.

What is bangarpet famous for?

Bangarapet was formerly known as Bowringpet, and it was named after an officer who worked in the Kolar Gold Fields at the time of its founding. This village came into being as a way station for people traveling between the gold fields and Bangalore, where they could exchange goods. In Karnataka, this town is well-known for its rice trade industry.

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