How To Reach Kalijai Temple? (Question)

Kalijai is a shrine dedicated to the goddess Kali located on an island. The journey to Kalijai temple by boat will take around 45 minutes. You should plan on spending at least 20 minutes here.
Barkul is a great place to go boating.

Speed Boat 5 seat Rs 2000
Nalaban – Kalijai by Speed boat Rs 4000
Floating restaurant per Hours Rs 2750
50 Seater Luxury boat per Hour Rs 2000

What is it about Kalijai Temple that makes it so popular with tourists?

  • The Kalijai Temple, which is located on an island in the Chilika Lake, is one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions. Goddess Kalijai is revered at this sanctuary. The god is extremely venerated among the local populace, as seen by their old myths and traditions.

How can I go to Kalijai Temple?

You may take a train to Chilika Lake (Kalijai Temple) in Puri, which is a popular destination.

  1. T F SPL (Train No. 01081)
  2. CSN CSTM T F SP (Train No. 01153)
  3. CSTM JBP SPL (Train No. 01711)
  4. LTT HBJ SUP SPL (Train No. 01713)
  5. PURI HWH SPECIA (Train No. 08010)
  6. SRC PURI SPL (Train No. 08402)
  7. LOKMANYA TT EXP (Train No. 11014)
  8. DR
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Which district is Kalijai?

Chilika is home to the Kalijai Temple, which is located in Odisha (Orissa), India. The temple of Kalijai is built on an island. South-east of Balugaon, in the direction of Kalijai’s dwelling, it is approximately 18 kilometers distant from Balugaon.

How can I go from Puri to Chilika Lake?

To go to Chilika, you may board buses from Puri that head towards Berhampur. Alternatively, you may board passenger trains from Puri to Berhampur, disembarking at either BLUGAON or CHILIKA station. However, with passenger trains, you can get down close to Chilika because most express trains do not stop there. Instead, you should get down at BALUGAON.

How can I go to Bhubaneswar from Chilika Lake?

It is possible to reach Chilika from a variety of locations, but the most accessible are Balugaon, Barkul, Rambha (all on NH 5 between Bhubaneswar and Berhampur), and Satpada, which is near to Puri. By rail, the closest railway stations are at Balugaon and Rambha on the Southeastern Railway; by road, National High Way No.

Is Kalijai story real?

According to a poem written by Pandit Godabarish Mishra, Jaai was a young lady who was about to get married on the island of Parikud. During the storm, the boat capsized. She died a horrible death and was resurrected as the goddess Kalijai. However, it is credited to the poet’s imagination and may or may not be supported by fact.

Why Chilika lake is famous?

Chilika Lake is the world’s biggest brackish water lake having estuary characteristics, and it sprawls along the east coast of India, including a vast area of land. It is believed to be the largest lagoon in India, and it is also one of the largest lagoons in the world, according to some estimates. The Lake is a highly productive environment with a thriving fishery that supports a large population.

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Which state is Chilika Lake in?

Located on India’s east coast, Chilika Lake is the world’s biggest brackish water lake with estuary characteristics and is the largest brackish water lake in the world. Known as the biggest lagoon in India, it is also one of the largest lagoons in the world, according to some estimates. In addition to having abundant fisheries resources, the Lake is a highly productive environment.

Is Chilika Lake Worth Visiting?

In the neighborhood of the eastern sea coast, around 30 kilometers from Puri city, Chilka Lake appears to be a sea unto itself when viewed from a distance. Its large area makes it appear to be a sea unto itself. The visit would be incomplete if you did not take use of the lake’s boating opportunities.

How can I visit Chilika?

Travelers arriving from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack may reach Chilika Lake by road through National Highway 5, which runs through the region. Visitors arrive at Balugaon through buses or private taxis, and then can take an auto rickshaw or another cab to Barkul or Rambha, depending on their destination.

Is Chilika Lake open for tourists?

The operation of the boats will only restart in the month of October and will continue until the month of March, when people flock to the Chilika to observe the migrating birds in their natural habitat. The dolphins may be seen in the Kalijai temple, the Nalaban bird sanctuary, Chadheihaga Mountain, and Satapada, which are all popular destinations for travelers.

How can I go from Berhampur to Chilika?

Berhampur is approximately 126 kilometers distant from Chilka; thus, if you travel at a constant speed of 50 kilometers per hour, you will arrive at Chilka in 2.54 hours. Your trip time to Chilka may vary based on the speed of your bus or train, as well as the mode of transportation you take.

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How far is Puri from Chilika?

The driving distance between Puri and Chilika Lake is 104 kilometers, while the rail journey is 122 kilometers long.

How do you get to Konark temple?

The Puri Railway Station is the closest railway station to the Konark Sun Temple, and it is also the busiest railway station in the country. It is located 30 kilometers from Konark. You may schedule trains from Bhubaneswar to Puri and then take a cab to the temple to complete your journey.

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