How To Reach Iskcon Temple Chennai? (Question)

Metro, bus route 119 • 2 hours and 15 minutes

  1. Travel from Chennai Central to Little Mount Corridor-1 by the Metro. Then, from Saidapet Court / Taluka Office Road to Accenture 119, take the line 119 bus to Accenture 119.

What is the location of the ISKCON temple in Chennai?

  • A component of the Centre for Spiritual Art and Culture, ISKCON Temple Chennai is located off the East Coast Road in Sholinganallur, on the Hare Krishna territory of the city of Chennai.

How can I go to Iskcon?

A component of the Centre for Spiritual Art and Culture, ISKCON Temple Chennai is located off the East Coast Road in Sholinganallur, on the grounds of Hare Krishna property.

Why is ISKCON temple famous?

The Bhagavad Gita Animatronics, the Mahabharata Light and Sound Show, and the Ramayana Art Gallery are among the attractions of the ISKCON temple in Delhi. The Astounding Bhagavad Gita, which is housed at the ISKCON temple in Delhi and is possibly the biggest religious book ever produced, is on on display at the temple.

Can Hare Krishnas marry?

According to this Krishna website, Hare Krishnas commit their life to “extreme austerity, prayer, and meditation,” among other things. There are, however, various levels of dedication to the cause. If a Hare Krishna follower want to spend the rest of their lives at the temple and never marry, it is entirely their decision to make. It is not, however, a mandatory condition.

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Why is Iskcon banned in Singapore?

Singapore outlawed the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in the 1970s, and the organization continues to be barred from entering the country. In addition, all foreign ISKCON monks, as well as Srila Prabhupada, the movement’s founder, were forbidden from visiting Singapore, and all attempts by followers to register the organisation were unsuccessful.

Which God is there in Iskcon Temple?

On the central altar of the ISKCON Temple are enshrined the principal deities of the temple: Krishna and Balarama. The right altar, on the other hand, has the statues of Radha and Krishna, as well as the gopis Lalita and Vishakha. The idol of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Nityananda, and the founder-saints of ISKCON are worshipped on the left altar, together with Nityananda.

Can I stay in ISKCON temple for free?

Within the temple compound is a magnificent Guest house with rooms that are extremely well furnished and well maintained, as well as eating facilities that serve heavenly Prasadams and are staffed by pleasant employees. Life members, as well as Dharmadhikaris, are given with free accommodations for specified periods of time.

How can I become a life member of Iskcon?

Approval of a Life Patron Membership application is solely at the discretion of Temple administration and cannot be guaranteed. Membership in the ISKCON Life Patron Program

  1. Seva. As a result, you will have a wonderful chance to serve the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna and so show your thanks to Him.
  2. Patronship Card.
  3. Accommodation.
  4. Meals.
  5. Spiritual Knowledge.
  6. Tax Advantage.

Which is world’s biggest temple?

Temples that are currently the biggest. Angkor Wat is a temple complex located in the Cambodian capital of Angkor. Built by King Suryavarman II of Cambodia in the early 12th century as his state temple and capital city, it is the world’s biggest religious monument, standing on a site covering 162.6 hectares (1,626,000 m2; 402 acres). It is the world’s greatest religious monument.

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Is jeans allowed in Iskcon Temple?

Pants or jeans are also acceptable attire. Women can dress in a saree, a salwar suit, or jeans. Men are permitted to wear jeans and pants, but are not permitted to wear shorts or Bermudas.

Is Iskcon really Hindu?

Many Hindus living in the diaspora acknowledge it as a part of the Hindu heritage. ISKCON acknowledges and respects essential Hindu concepts like as karma and rebirth, among other things. They would argue, on the other hand, that it is a religion in and of itself, rather than a sect of Hinduism. Some Hindus believe that it is not even a Hindu movement in the traditional sense.

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