How To Reach Ekvira Devi Temple? (Question)

Getting in Touch with Ekvira Using the Air The Ekvira Temple is located in Lonavala, and the nearest airports are those in Mumbai and Pune. If you are traveling from Mumbai or Pune, you may go to Lonavala by train or bus and then rent a cab to the Ekvira temple.

How can I go to Ekvira temple by train?

Train lines in Airoli that stop at the stations that are nearest to Ekvira Mandir

  1. TR. Panvel (Slow)
  2. TR-AC.
  3. Thane – Panvel (A.C.)
  4. TR-AC. Thane – Vashi (A.C.)
  5. TR-AC. Thane – Panvel (Slow)

How do I get to Ekvira by bus?

Bus routes serving Thane that stop at the Ekvira Devi Mandir are shown below.

  1. In addition to the following routes: MSRTC. Thane Railway Station – Virar Via Versova Junction
  2. MSRTC. Vasai – Thane Railway Station
  3. MSRTC. Thane Railway Station – Arnala Via Versova Junction.
  4. Bhayander Railway Station (W) – Thane Railway Station (E)
  5. 10 AC

How many steps are there in Ekvira Temple?

The temple is perched atop a rocky outcrop. To approach the temple, one must first climb around 500 stairs. In the immediate vicinity are the Karla caves, which have been designated as a national monument by the Archeological Department.

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How can I go to Ekvira from Dadar by train?

The most convenient mode of transportation from Mumbai Dadar to Ekvira is by rail, which takes 2h 25m and costs between 600 and 1,100. Alternatively, you may take the bus, which costs between 1,600 and 1,700 yen and takes 4h 33 minutes. Is it possible for me to drive from Mumbai Dadar to Ekvira? To be precise, the distance between Mumbai Dadar and Ekvira is 99 kilometers.

How can I go from Lonavala to Khopoli?

The quickest method to go from Khopoli to Lonavla is to hire a cab, which will cost you between 360 and 430 rupees and take 12 minutes. What is the distance between Khopoli and Lonavla? Khopoli and Lonavla are separated by a seven-kilometer stretch of road. The distance between the two points is 14 kilometers.

How can I go to Ekvira by bus from Pune?

Bus number 123, bus number 123

  1. Travel to Bhakti Shakti via bus, taking the line 123 from Ma Na Pa Main Bus Stand. The bus from Bhakti Shakti to Vadgaon Mawal is a good option.

How do you get to Karla caves?

To get to the Karla Caves, you’ll have to trek up 350 stairs from the bottom of the hill or approximately 200 steps from the car park around halfway up the slope, depending on your starting point. To enter the caverns, you must purchase a ticket in advance. The ticket counter is located at the top of the hill, near the entrance. The entrance cost for Indians is 25 rupees, and the fee for visitors is 300 rupees.

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Who built Karla caves?

The Karla caves were built during the reign of the Satavahanas Indian emperor, Yajna Sri Satakarni, also known as Gautamiputra Yajna Sri, and were designed and built by Bhootpala, a trader from Banavasi, who was commissioned to build them.

Why is Lonavala famous?

Known for its hard candy chikki manufacture, it is also a key halt on the railway route that connects Mumbai and Pune, making it a popular tourist destination. Local trains from Pune Junction are offered to commuters in the city’s outskirts. Lonavala is located on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway as well as the Mumbai-Bengaluru route, which both pass through the town.

How can I go to Lonavala from Thane by train?

As well as being well-known for its manufacturing of the hard candy chikki, it is a significant halt on the railway route that connects Mumbai and Pune. Local trains from Pune Junction are offered to commuters in the city’s outer suburbs. Several major highways run through Lonavala, including the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the Mumbai-Bengaluru route.

How can I go to Lonavala from Dadar by train?

THE FIRST TRAIN ON THIS ROUTE LEAVES DAVAR AT 05:53 A.M., and THE LAST TRAIN FROM DAVAR TO LONAVALA LEAVES DAVAR AT 23:55 P.M. The first train on this route is INDRAYANI EXP, and it departs DAVAR at 05:53 A.M. The average time required to travel between these two cities is 2:15 hours.

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