How To Join Shaolin Temple? (TOP 5 Tips)

School of Shaolin Kung Fu in Qufu, China

  1. Complete the application form and submit it with the application fee. You have two options when it comes to paying the $100 USD application fee: PLEASE SEND US YOUR PAYMENT. STUDENT REGISTRATION.

What is the Shaolin Temple, and why is it important?

  • The Shaolin Temple is a Buddhist monastery in the Chinese capital of Beijing. Shaolin Temple is well-known as a Kungfu training institution. Buddhist monks devote their lives to studying the precepts of Chan (Zen) Buddhism in an effort to gain enlightenment. Shaolin is a term used by a variety of groups all around the world. A student must commit to abide by the fundamental teachings of each temple.

Can a foreigner join Shaolin Temple?

Yes, they have been instructing international students since the 1980s. You CAN enter the monastery as a disciple under a Monk; typically, the junior Monks are tasked with educating foreigners; you pay for the training that you want from the monastery.

How much does it cost to join Shaolin Temple?

The following amounts are required if you wish to come for 5 months but prefer to pay monthly: $810 USD for the first month, $780 USD for the second month, $750 USD for the third month, $700 USD for the fourth month, and $680 USD for your fifth month. In total, you will be required to pay $3720 USD for your stay.

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Can anyone join Shaolin monks?

While it is true that all of the warrior monks who teach at the temple are male, both men and women are invited to come and study at the temple on an equal footing. Our participants have been predominantly female throughout the previous four years, with more than 40% of those over the age of 45. And each and every one of them has been treated in the exact same manner.

Can I live in Shaolin Temple?

Then I heard of a little Shaolin Temple in Southern China that welcomed outsiders. I decided to visit. You may spend time there, live with the monks, and study Kung Fu from them if you so choose. This modest monastery is home to a few monks and a Shifu, the master, who is precisely what you would expect an ancient Chinese Kung Fu expert to be like in his appearance.

Do Shaolin monks eat meat?

Shaolin temple “warriors” monks have had a long-standing exemption that allows them to consume whatever they require to keep their bodies healthy and ready to combat. This includes meat and alcoholic beverages. The trick is to maintain a healthy balance.

How can I be a monk?

To become a monk, one must first qualify as a postulant, during which time the man resides at the monastery in order to determine whether or not he is called to the monastic lifestyle. As a postulant, the man is not obligated to take any vows and is free to leave the monastery at any point during his stay.

Is Shaolin training free?

It is undeniably one of the oldest and most ancient forms of Kung Fu, having originated at the Shaolin Temple in China. For a short time, the website offers a free 5-day video course in shaolin kung fu, which you may access through the website.

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Can I go to China and learn kung fu?

Kung Fu Training in the People’s Republic of China Students of all ages and experience levels are encouraged to participate! The ability to study and practice with us does not rely on any specific qualifications; people of all ages and genders, from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, and with varying degrees of experience are welcome to join us.

Can I become a Shaolin monk?

If that’s not you, then find a decent kung fu school in your area and put in the time and effort. If that describes you — that is, if you truly desire to become a Buddhist monk at Shaolin Temple — then the answer is yes. Expats from other countries can travel to Shaolin and begin their monastic training.

How long is Shaolin training?

There are courses available in a variety of lengths ranging from one week to five years. The ages of our Shaolin training students range from six to seventy-five years old, demonstrating that Chinese Kung Fu is suited for people of all ages.

Do Shaolin Monks get paid?

According to the monastic regulations that the Buddha set for the monks, they are not permitted to engage in any form of gainful employment for a living. It is the obligation of the lay followers to provide the monks with the four essentials, i.e. food, medication, and so on, but NOT with money, as monks are not permitted to own any money.

Can Shaolin monks have hair?

Following the monastic regulations set by Buddha for his monks, they are not permitted to engage in any form of gainful employment. A part of the lay followers’ role is to provide assistance for the monks in the form of the four essentials: food; medication; and so on. Monks are not permitted to possess money, as has been stated before.

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Are Shaolin monks real?

The combat monks of Shaolin Monastery, located in the Pagoda Forest on Song Mountain in China, are renowned across the world for their bravery and tenacity. They are genuine, but they have been elevated to mythological status by innumerable martial-arts films and the Wu Tang Clan’s hip-hop music. Zen monks in Shaolin have been training for more than 1,500 years.

What language do Shaolin monks speak?

In general, they speak Mandarin since the monks of Shaolin Temple come from all over China. However, the locals constitute the majority of the population, and the Henan dialect is without a doubt the most prevalent dialect you will hear.

Can a Shaolin monk beat a UFC fighter?

In an unarmed one-on-one battle, a Shaolin monk will not be able to defeat an MMA fighter, especially if they are fighting in the same weight class as the fighter. It is possible that a current, elite MMA fighter would easily defeat any of the medieval monks for a number of different reasons. There is a significant difference between Shaolin Kung-Fu and mixed martial arts.

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