How To Join Iskcon Temple? (Perfect answer)

How can I become a member of ISKCON?

  • How can I become a member of ISKCON? In the first place, I want to express my gratitude for your commitment not to let your family to suffer. Every devotee should understand how to maintain a healthy work-life balance while still practicing their religion. They should not abandon their families in order to serve Krishna unless there are legitimate grounds for doing so or unless they have a strong desire to do so.

How do I become a member of ISKCON?

Only Rs. 35,555/- is required. There are no renewal costs. It is possible to make a donation in cash or by demand draft, check, credit/debit card, or bank transfer (NEFT) as well as online through the website In order to contribute, a check or demand draft must be made payable to “ISKCON Gangasagar Fund.”

Can anybody join ISKCON?

Anyone can become a devotee of ISKCON and can quit at any time if they so want. There have been cases where employees have left our organization after working there for two to three years. There are no constraints for quitting the organization at any point in the future.

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How can I become a ISKCON devotee?

In ISKCON, even simple devotional practices such as repeating the Mahamantra 16 times everyday can elevate you to the status of grihastha (householder). If you wish to become an initiate, however, you should contact ISKCON personnel who are running programs near you or their temple in the city where you now dwell.

What is the fee to join ISKCON?

Fees for membership The current charge is Rs. 35,555, and in exchange, you will receive an 18-volume set of the Srimad Bhagavatam as a gift. There is also an assortment of books, photo lamination, and a life membership card available as additional amenities.

Can I stay at Iskcon?

Within the temple compound is a magnificent Guest house with rooms that are extremely well furnished and well maintained, as well as eating facilities that serve heavenly Prasadams and are staffed by pleasant employees. Life members, as well as Dharmadhikaris, are given with free accommodations for specified periods of time.

Can we live in Iskcon Temple?

If you are traveling to Vrindavan or Mathura and are looking for a place to stay, the ISKCON temple guest house is the greatest option. A clean, serene, and satvik stay facility with both air conditioning and non-air conditioning alternatives is available for a reasonable fee. Rooms are spacious, well-kept, and equipped with connected toilets (in the Western manner), a geyser for hot water, and a private balcony.

Why is Iskcon banned in Singapore?

Singapore outlawed the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) in the 1970s, and the organization continues to be barred from entering the country. In addition, all foreign ISKCON monks, as well as Srila Prabhupada, the movement’s founder, were forbidden from visiting Singapore, and all attempts by followers to register the organisation were unsuccessful.

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Does Iskcon pay tax?

Govinda is a pure commercial business in the eyes of the taxman, but for Iskcon, instilling vegetarian dietary habits is nothing more than charitable work that should be exempt from taxation. A significant percentage of Govinda’s earnings is donated to charity, which uses the funds to create flyers and pamphlets to encourage people to adopt a vegetarian diet.

How can I join Krishna?

Reading the sacred books, chanting and meditation, and living your life according to the ideals of Lord Krishna are all requirements for becoming a Hare Krishna. Bhakti Yoga should be practiced.

  1. Chanting
  2. studying religious literature
  3. meditating The opportunity to spend time with other Hare Krishna enthusiasts. Maintaining adherence to the four guiding principles. A vegan or vegetarian diet is one that excludes animal products.

Can Hare Krishnas marry?

According to this Krishna website, Hare Krishnas commit their life to “extreme austerity, prayer, and meditation,” among other things. There are, however, various levels of dedication to the cause. If a Hare Krishna follower want to spend the rest of their lives at the temple and never marry, it is entirely their decision to make. It is not, however, a mandatory condition.

What are the rules of Iskcon?

ISKCON devotees make a promise at their initiation (diksha) to adhere to four fundamental rules and regulations. These are as follows:

  • To adhere to a lacto-vegetarian Krishna-prasadam diet,
  • To abstain from intoxicants (alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs
  • tea, coffee, and caffeinated beverages are also prohibited),
  • To refrain from gambling, and.

Can I stay in Iskcon Temple Bangalore?

An perspective of the ISKCON temple in Bangalore The apexes, or kalashams, of the gopurams are gold-plated and finely crafted. At the moment, there are around 100 full-time brahmachari devotees and 30 full-time grihastha devotees living at the ashram. In addition to these, the ashram invites people who wish to remain for a short period of time at the compound.

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Has anyone left Iskcon?

I had to leave because both of my ISKCON gurus were requested to stand down at the same time. Initially, I was serving on the West Coast, and that guru bowed out and instructed us to travel across the nation to New Vrindavan, which I dutifully followed. In less than two years, the entire building had crumbled, and practically everyone had departed.

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