How To Go To Iskcon Temple By Metro? (Solution found)

The Mahalakshmi metro station, which is located on the green line of the Namna Metro and is quite near to the ISKCON Temple, is a convenient stop for visitors to the temple. You have the option of taking a car from the metro station to the temple, or walking there because it is fairly near by.

Which metro station is near for ISKCON temple?

The closest metro station to Iskcon Temple Bangalore is Sandal Soap Factory station (Green Line), while the nearest bus stop is Mahalakshmi Layout Entrance, which is only 2 kilometers away from the temple. The temple may be reached by car or public transportation.

How far is ISKCON temple from Nehru Place Metro station?

In Bangalore, the closest metro station to the Iskcon Temple is Sandal Soap Factory station (Green Line), while the closest bus stop is Mahalakshmi Layout Entrance, which is only 2 kilometers from the temple.

Can I stay in Iskcon Temple Bangalore?

An perspective of the ISKCON temple in Bangalore The apexes, or kalashams, of the gopurams are gold-plated and finely crafted. At the moment, there are around 100 full-time brahmachari devotees and 30 full-time grihastha devotees living at the ashram. In addition to these, the ashram invites people who wish to remain for a short period of time at the compound.

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How do I get to Lotus Temple by metro?

The Nehru Place Metro Station is the closest metro station to Lotus Temple, and you may walk from this station to Lotus Temple in less than 5 minutes, depending on traffic. The Lotus Temple is around one kilometer distant from the Nehru Place Metro station.

Is jeans allowed in ISKCON temple?

Pants or jeans are also acceptable attire. Women can dress in a saree, a salwar suit, or jeans. Men are permitted to wear jeans and pants, but are not permitted to wear shorts or Bermudas.

Is camera allowed in ISKCON temple Delhi?

Keep track of temple opening and closing times to ensure that your vacation runs well. It is not permitted to take photographs at this location. You will not be permitted to bring a camera into the building.

Can I stay in Iskcon temple for free?

Within the temple compound is a magnificent Guest house with rooms that are extremely well furnished and well maintained, as well as eating facilities that serve heavenly Prasadams and are staffed by pleasant employees. Life members, as well as Dharmadhikaris, are given with free accommodations for specified periods of time.

Can I stay in Iskcon Mayapur?

Did you know that you may stay in Mayapur for as little as 100 rupees? Mayapur Iskcon, also known as Nabadwip Dham, is a Hindu pilgrimage site located on the banks of the Jalangi River. It is located 130 kilometers away from Kolkata and is the most popular tourist destination in West Bengal, according to TripAdvisor. 7

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How far is Red Fort from metro station?

The Red Fort is only a ten-minute walk from the Chandni Chowk Metro Station, however it requires passing through the bustling Chandni Chowk market in order to get to the location. On most days, even the metro station is overflowing with people. While traveling from the metro station to the red fort, I stopped at the Gurudwara Sisjang Sahib.

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