How Many Towns In Krishna District? (Solution)

20 towns (or urban settlements) can be found in the district, comprising 1 municipality (municipal corporation), 5 municipalities (municipalities), 4 nagar panchayats (nagar panchayats), and 11 census towns. Gudivada, Jaggaiahpeta, Machilipatnam, Nuzivid, and Pedana are the five municipalities that make up the district, with Vijayawada City serving as the only municipal corporation.
Who lives in Krishna district and how many people live there?

  • Located in the Coastal Andhra area of Andhra Pradesh, Krishna district is an administrative district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Its administrative center is Machilipatnam, and its most populous city is Vijayawada, both of which are located in the district. According to the 2011 Indian census, it has a land area of 8,727 km2 (3,370 sq mi) and a population of 45,29,009 individuals.

How many villages are there in nuzvid Mandal?

Nuzvid mandal has a total of 25 villages in it.

What is the capital of Krishna district?

Located in Krishna district, Machilipatnam serves as the administrative headquarters. Vijayawada is the most populous city in the district (and the third most populous city in the state), as well as the district’s commercial center.

How many towns are there in Vijayawada?

According to the 2011 Census, there are four cities and seven villages in the Vijayawada Mandal.

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How many mandals are there in Krishna?

Currently, the district is divided into four revenue divisions: Vijayawada; Nuzvid; Machilipatnam; and Gudivada, each of which is overseen by a sub collector. Each of these income divisions is subdivided into 50 mandals, which are located across the district. These 50 mandals are comprised of 49 mandal parishads, 973 panchayats, 1005 villages, and 5 municipalities, among other things.

How many wards are in nuzvid?

In this Municipality, there are 25 zones and 30 election wards to choose from. The location’s topography is 16.78 North and 80.85 East in terms of latitude and longitude.

Is nuzvid rural or urban?

Nuzvid Mandal has a mix of urban and rural residents. As a result, urban regions account for around 45.2 percent of the entire population of Nuzvid Mandal, while rural areas account for 54.8 percent. The population of children (0 – 6 years) in the urban zone is 5,213 whereas the population of children (0 – 6 years) in the rural region is 7,564.

What is the pin code of nuzvid?

Garthapuri was the original Sanskrit name for Guntur, which dates back to ancient Vedic civilization. The ‘Agasthyeswara Sivalayam’, located in the heart of Guntur’s historic district, is an ancient temple dedicated to Siva.

Who ruled Vijayawada?

Bezawada (Vijayawada) was governed by King Madhava Varma, according to Vijayawada historical records (one of the kings of Vishnukundina dynasty).

Who founded Vijayawada?

It was named Bezawadaapatnam after the Bezawadaapatnam factory, which was founded by the British East India Company in the 17th century. This was the city’s first factory. Afterwards, the factory was taken over by Aurangazeb, the Mughal Emperor. Finally, the Dutch Colony was created in this territory in the year 1735.

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How many wards are there in Vijayawada?

VIJAYAWADA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION is a municipal corporation in the city of Vijayawada. The entire land area covered by the corporation is 61.88 square kilometers. The city is split into 59 political wards, each of which has its own administration.

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