How Gopal Krishna Gokhale Died? (Question)

Gopal Krishna Gokhale served as a mentor to both Mohammed Jinnah and Mahatma Gandhi throughout their respective lives. Gopal Krishna Gokhale was also a social reformer, with the goals of promoting nonviolence and change within existing government institutions as his primary objectives. Stress took its toll on him and he died on February 19, 1915, at the age of 49, when he was just 49 years old.

  • Gopal Krishna Gokhale made significant contributions to the cause of India over the course of many years of dedication and hard effort. Unfortunately, his diabetes and cardiac asthma were worse as a result of the tremendous exertion and tiredness that he experienced. The great leader passed away quietly on February 19, 1915, after a long battle with cancer.

When Gopal Krishna Gokhale died?

He was a scholar and a statesman, and he is often regarded as India’s finest liberal. On February 19, 1915, Gokhale passed away, leaving a vacuum in the lives of people who liked him immensely and wished him well.

Where did Gopal Krishna Gokhale died?

Gokhale was a prominent leader of the Indian National Congress and the founder of the Servants of India Society, both of which were founded by him. The Indian National Congress, as well as the Congress and other legislative bodies in which Gokhale served, pushed for Indian self-rule and social changes, which he accomplished through the Society.

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When did Gopal Krishna Gokhale born and died?

In 1866, in India’s Ratnagiri area, Gopal Krishna Gokhale created a sectarian organization to work for the benefit of the disadvantaged in the country. He died on February 19, 1915, in Pune, India.

Why did Gokhale rejected knighthood?

Gokhale was appointed secretary of the Indian National Congress after the organization’s founding. He turned down a knighthood and the KCIE, claiming that accepting such honors would mean he would no longer be known as Gopal Krishna Gokhale. As the liberation movement gathered steam, moderate leaders such as Tilak began to lose ground to outspoken activists such as Gandhi.

Who is called Diamond of India?

Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal Krishna Gokhale’s political opponent, referred to him as the “Diamond of India.” During the Indian Independence Movement, Gopal Krishna Gokhale was a liberal political leader and social reformer who was active in India’s liberal political movement.

Who is Gandhi guru?

This belief is explored in the Hindi drama Yugpurush Mahatma Ke Mahatma, which portrays Gandhi’s relationship with his spiritual mentor Shrimad Rajchandra, who taught him these ideas. Gandhi met Rajchandra, a notable Jain poet and philosopher, for the first time in Mumbai in 1891, after returning from England as a barrister. Rajchandra was Gandhi’s mentor and inspiration.

When was Gopal Krishna Gokhale born *?

Lucknow. On the 18th of March, 1911, Gokhale proposed the Elementary Education Bill before the Imperial Legislative Council of India. The bill pleaded for the implementation of compulsory and free education in India, which was ultimately denied.

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When did Gandhi meet Gokhale?

On September 18, 1914, Gokhale and Gandhi met for the first time.

Was Gopal Krishna Gokhale a freedom fighter?

As a mathematics professor, Gopal Krishna Gokhale was a liberation fighter and political leader in addition to being a freedom fighter and political leader. In addition, he formed the Servants of India Society, which promotes education and social development across India.

How did Gopal Gokhale try to arouse national awakening?

Gopal Krishna Gokhale attempts to ignite a national awakening in the way described below: He chastised the government for spending massive expenditure on the army, levying cotton taxes, and racial discrimination against Indians when it came to appointment to high-ranking positions in the administration. His unrelenting efforts resulted in a drop in toll tax revenue.

What is the mother name of Gopal Krishna Gokhale?

To that end, Gokhale proposed an equal allocation of tax money between the federal and provincial governments as well as municipal governments. As a result, he urged that land revenue, excise tax money, and forest revenue be distributed to the provinces. Opium, salt, customs, postal service, and telegraphs are all possible gifts to the Imperial administration.

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