How Did Krishna Feel When He Took The Gift From Sudama? (Solved)

The explanation is that he gives Krishna a battered grain of rice. When Krishna received the present from Sudama, he was overjoyed and delighted.

What did Sudama give to Krishna as gift?

Sudama presented some poha to his good buddy Krishna as an answer.

How did Krishna understand Sudamas need?

Sudama first claimed that he didn’t have anything on him. However, upon realizing Krishna’s need, he generously shared his food with him. When he inquired further, Lord Krishna informed him that battered rice was his favorite food. As a result, their friendship grew.

Why did Sudama wife send him to Krishna answer?

Sudama’s wife advised that he see Krishna since Sudama was in desperate need of assistance and Krishna was an old best friend who might be able to assist him.

What did Krishna do when he heard Sudama’s name?

As soon as he heard Sudama’s name, Krishna raced to the royal entrance to meet him. In front of the castle, he hugged his boyhood buddy and invited him to join him. Everyone was taken aback when they saw the king hugging a poor guy in tatters. In the form of a gift to Krishna, Sudama’s wife had offered him parched rice.

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Why Sudama gave curse to Radha?

He did not think Radha’s behavior was suitable, particularly when she became enraged with Krishna. He made an attempt to persuade Radha. Radha, on the other hand, would not calm down and cursed him to become a demon, ordering him to travel to Earth. Sudama condemned Radha, saying that you, too, would be forced to go to earth and suffer the agony of being separated from Lord Krishna.

Who was Sudama in his previous birth?

Sudama was a friend of Krishna Balaram’s, and the two of them had studied together at Sandipani Muni’s ashram. In addition to being one of the few persons who had known him since boyhood as “Kanhaiya,” he was also one of the few who had known him as “Lord Krishna.”

Why did Krishna not help Sudama?

Krishna was Dwarikadhish, and Sudama was a poor brahmin who was unable to provide even a single meal to his family in a nutritious manner. Sudama was concerned that Krishna would not recognize him or that he would not be able to ask for money when he finally met him after a long period of time.

Did Krishna help Sudama?

Sudama’s boyhood pal, Lord Krishna, was a lifelong companion. Lord Krishna not only provided him with food, but he also provided him with money.

How did Krishna feel when he heard Sudama come to meet him?

When krishna learned that Sudama had arrived to see him, he raced to the gate to greet him and say hello. 5. Lord Krishna aided Sudama and his family in their quest for wealth. I hope that is of use; please rate it as the brainiest.

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How did Krishna feel when he took the gift from?

The explanation is that he gives Krishna a battered grain of rice. When Krishna received the present from Sudama, he was overjoyed and delighted.

How did the guards at Krishna Palace treat Sudama?

They were quite disrespectful to him.

For what purpose did Sudama go to meet Krishna at Dwaraka?

Answer: hello there! Sudama went to visit krishna to seek aid from him. Sudama was an extremely impoverished individual.

What is the real name of Kuchela?

In truth, Sudama was Kuchela’s given name when he was born. Krishna and Sudama were classmates who both attended Guru Sandeepani’s institute. In the years after the completion of their schooling, Sri Krishna went to Mathura and engrossed himself in his humanitarian activity and the governance of Yadunadu.

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